Pray for Venezuela


BGR partners are responding to the humanitarian crisis developing in Venezuela by working with local partners. They plan to improve and expand a training facility’s electrical and water systems so they can teach more than 5,000 people how to produce food and potable water. Trainees also will learn organic gardening, animal husbandry, well-drilling, water purification, hygiene, and first aid. Then, they can go out into their communities to make a difference. 

Millions of Venezuelans are praying for God to end the violence, hunger, and despair in their country. Please join them in prayer.

  • Pray for the continued progress and revitalization of this training facility.
  • Ask God to grant wisdom and understanding to those developing the training curriculum.
  • Pray local partners involved in this project will experience a renewed vision for their country.
  • Pray Venezuelan believers will make a significant impact on their country during this time of crisis.