Pray for Refugees in
Asia, Europe, and Africa

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June 20 was World Refugee Day and BGR is thankful for the opportunities to minister God’s love and compassion to millions of displaced people around the world. BGR partners are working tirelessly and sacrificially to help those who have been forced to leave their homes because of war, civil unrest, famine, or religious persecution. These are just a few of the Refugee Projects that need prayer.


Rohingya (Southeast Asia) – The Rohingya have been a persecuted minority for many years. A recent increase in persecution caused over 400,000 Rohingya to flee over the border into a neighboring country, creating a serious crisis for this country as they attempt to meet their staggering needs– food, shelter, supplies, medical care, and many others. They need over 16 million liters of water per day and over 50,000 metric tons of food.

  • Pray for the Rohingya to be able to safely and peacefully return to their home country.
  • Pray for BGR partners to have wisdom and understanding as they minister Christ’s love and compassion in this crisis to the Rohingya.


Ukraine – The four-year-old conflict in Ukraine has resulted in over 1.5 million people being displaced from their homes, with little or no capacity to provide for their families. BGR partners are working to provide basic food supplies, medicines, and household items by offering care packages to these families. Common household items like toothpaste, flour, sugar, Tylenol, and bedsheets are in critical demand…as is prayer.

  • Pray that refugees in Ukraine will have their physical needs met.
  • Pray that in the midst of this tragedy they will seek and find God’s presence and peace in their lives.


Central African Republic – Since April of 2017, a civil war in this country has intensified, causing large numbers of people to flee their homes to escape the brutality and violence. Now one of the world’s largest groups of displaced people, they can no longer subsist on their native farming techniques, given the lack of farmland in the refugee camps. BGR partners are working to help them provide for their own basic food needs by teaching urban gardening techniques and providing seeds and basic tools so they can use the limited space around their shelters to grow much-needed vegetables.

  • Pray for peace in Central African Republic so that the people can return home and reestablish their lives.
  • Pray for BGR partners who will be attending a training in Trauma Healing next month so that they can be better equipped to minister to refugees in Africa. 

Hilary Nyusemo Chin 5 years ago

Please pray for my country Cameroon / Africa (South West and North West Regions) is in a serious war right now..Over a million internally displaced persons and thousands of refugees in Nigeria. Over 200+ villages burnt and counting.Thousands have lost heir lives.

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