Pray for children facing malnutrition

Hidden Hunger…it sounds like the name of a scary movie or story. But in reality, it is the life experience of over two billion people around the world. Hidden Hunger occurs when people become malnourished due to micronutrient deficiencies. Essentially, they aren’t consuming enough food overall, and their diet lacks the nutrients and quality that is necessary for good health. When this occurs in children, the results can be devastating. From weakened immune systems to undeveloped sensory and cognitive functions to death, children with inadequate, low-quality diets, are among the most vulnerable people in the world.

In one African community, a Baptist church has partnered with Baptist Global Response to save the children under ten years of age from these risks through a meal program. The 100 kids involved with the program are among the poorest of the poor. Many sleep on bare floors, do not have warm clothing or shoes, and have often lost one or both parents. These kids receive a morning snack and a hot lunch six days a week, cooked mostly by volunteers from the church. They also receive deworming medicine twice a year. Already, children have demonstrated improved health, reduced illnesses, and increased involvement in church and educational activities. But there is still much work to do and great needs to be met. Please join us in praying for the continued success of this feeding program and the overall health of the families involved.

  • Pray that children will have access to basic life essentials such as blankets, mattresses, warm clothes, and shoes.
  • Pray that the children will be supplied with education supplies and uniforms to attend school.
  • Pray that the feeding program will be able to continue providing decent, nutritional meals to the children in need.
  • Pray for the volunteers to be encouraged in their work and ability to conduct their life-saving programs.