Pray for a new health care project in Togo!

Baptists of Togo are collaborating with BGR partners to help chronically ill and terminal patients. They are testing a model for integrating home health into the local church’s work by distributing BGR Hospice Care Buckets to the homebound and training local nursing staff and students in basic health care and counseling. This project will directly impact over 800 patients and their families. Not only will the country of Togo benefit from this but many areas of French-speaking West Africa also eagerly await the results of this project to model further ministry. Please pray for those working in Togo.

  • Pray this project will improve the quality and level of compassionate concern for chronically and terminally ill patients in Togo.
  • Pray all the different ministry partners involved in the project will work together to provide compassionate care.
  • Pray the home health teams will find opportunities to show Christ’s love to patients and their families.
  • Ask God to grant the manpower and transportation needed for distributing the remaining hospice care buckets to needy families with terminally ill members.