Pray for a BGR
Health Intervention Training Team

BGR partners are offering general health and hygiene training to rural communities in a Southeast Asian region. They are meeting urgent physical needs while developing relationships and mentoring rural community teachers who can assist with health issues. The teachers are trained to provide courses on pre-natal care, nutrition, and general health and hygiene principles. As a result, many locals have learned to take blood pressures, teach safe pregnancy, and visit the sick in their homes. More than 95 villages that once had no hope for healing and no knowledge of basic health care now understand the causes of disease and can take action to prevent them.  Please pray for the health intervention training team.

  • Pray for two BGR partners, a husband and wife, who are living in a home with no electricity or running water so they can be near the villages where they are working.
  • Pray partners will find open hearts in these communities, and ask God to grant them the wisdom and ability to meet the many physical and spiritual needs.
  • Pray for the team’s safety as it travels on bad roads that cause wear and tear on vehicles and require great patience and endurance.
  • Pray for a local woman who has a genetic disease that causes horrible skin lesions. The community has neglected and isolated her because of it. The team has given her clean water and met some of her medical needs, and that interaction has created opportunities to reach a new village because of her testimony to neighbors.