Please continue to pray for the Bahamas!

For many people, Hurricane Dorian is a distant memory, but for the people of the Bahamas, it has become a day-to-day struggle on the long road to recovery.

Recent reports indicate that the storm caused an estimated $3.4 billion in damages and left an estimated 29,500 people homeless, without jobs, or both. As of late October, there are still 282 people missing. The economy and livelihoods of the people in the Bahamas will be impacted for years to come.

BGR partners and BGR volunteer teams are working with local churches to continue the relief efforts helping the people as they try to rebuild their lives. There is still much work to be done, and prayers are needed.

  • Pray for volunteer teams to have good health, remain safe, and maintain physical stamina as they help with reconstruction projects.
  • Pray that the churches will be encouraged and empowered by the teams who are coming to assist them.
  • Pray for hearts to be opened and responsive as they see God’s love through the work of the volunteer teams.
  • Pray that a trauma healing workshop being held this week to equip the churches will be effective in giving them tools to use to minister to the emotional needs of the people in their communities.

Carol Jones 4 years ago

I have worked in the past providing toys, hats gioves to children of hurricanes. Please let me how i can help. Carol Jones Georgia

Natalie Sarrett 4 years ago

We are so grateful for your servant heart, Carol! Right now, we are asking for prayers and donations to the Hurricane Dorian fund on our website to help the hurting communities still recovering in the Bahamas.

Sondra Welch 4 years ago

May GOD be with you all there through the almighty power and strength of His Son JESUS.

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