’ I am very sick and there is no one to help me’

This note from a BGR partner in Swaziland:

Imagine having no one to care for you when sick and tired; no one to talk to at the end of the day; no one to sit and pray with you as you deal with a disease that will one day take your life.  Imagine a life of complete loneliness without anyone to hold your hand, to wipe your brow or to sing to you.  “I have no one.  My parents, grandparents, siblings are all dead. Now I am very sick and there is no one to help me.”  As this young man deals with AIDS, pray the ARVs he is taking will help him to gain his strength.  Pray there will be someone close to him that will help with his physical and emotional needs.  Pray the giving of the BGR Hospice Kits will help him see the face of Jesus and pray Jesus will help take away the loneliness in his life. (If you or your church would like to participate in this wonderful “Bucket Project” ministry, please visit http://gobgr.org/buckets)

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