Hurricane Dorian Prayer Requests: September 20, 2019

On the main islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco, residents are beginning to return to what is left of their homes and neighborhoods. Most houses and standing structures have been destroyed by the impact of tidal surges or the resulting water damage, leaving many survivors without any means of earning a living.
For some islanders, the weight of how different their lives will be moving forward is slowly starting to sink in. As they begin the grueling journey of rebuilding what was lost, BGR partners are working tirelessly to provide emergency supplies, facilitate rehabilitation efforts, and offer support during these families’ grief processes.
There is still much work to be done and a great need for intercession on behalf of this hurting nation. Please pray with us.
  • Pray that all those still in shock will experience healing and hope.
  • Pray that shipments of supplies will clear Bahamian customs quickly.
  • Pray for energy for BGR partners who are working long hours.
  • Pray that volunteers navigating disaster zones will be as much help as possible.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and for covering these families in your prayers!


“Prayer is the God-given communication link between Heaven and Earth, time and eternity, the finite and the infinite.”  -Tony Evans