Health Care in Central Asia

BGR partners are working with communities in a Central Asian region to operate a tuberculosis clinic. The country in which this clinic is located ranks very high for new cases of this disease, but the area has no facilities available for treating it. The people experience roughly 6,000 to 8,000 cases of tuberculosis each year, along with many relapse cases. Clinic staff members are administering TB tests and dispensing treatments for those who test positive. The facility also serves as a headquarters for medical workers traveling to more rural parts of the district so they can diagnose and treat patients with limited mobility. Medical professionals can use the facility as a center for continuing tuberculosis education, as well. Please pray for this clinic.

  • Pray patients will have access to inexpensive medications.
  • Pray the government will approve the necessary paperwork for a doctor to live and work at the clinic.
  • Pray the facility will serve the communities well in this location and provide a light to those in need.
  • Pray local believers and churches will become involved in this ministry to their communities.