COVID-19 Prayer Requests

As the coronavirus circles the globe, the livelihoods of many are at risk. Many businesses are closing their doors for the foreseeable future, which means many people will find it very difficult to purchase enough food to feed their families. Unfortunately, most of those affected will not be assisted by outside sources.

BGR is partnering with local churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations in these uncertain times to provide food and other necessities for those who are the most vulnerable, especially the elderly, sick, and single-parent families. They are also assisting students who are currently quarantined and unable to leave their dorms. The effects of the coronavirus are far-reaching, but there are abundant opportunities to show God’s love to those who need encouragement and a message of hope.

Please pray for those working to provide relief.

  • Pray that the gifts of food and supplies will provide the needed relief and support to those at risk.
  • Pray that those distributing food will remain healthy and be protected from infection.
  • Pray for wisdom to determine the greatest need and that God will give those responding creative ways to distribute the supplies
  • Pray that churches and teams working together will possess all the peace, wisdom, courage, and love that are needed in times like this.

For more information about BGR’s COVID-19 response, please visit