Celebrating Christmas After Devastation

Since mid-October, the island of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines has endured three severe earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks. Just this week, there were two small tremors off the coast. In addition to the earthquakes, landslides have completely displaced entire villages.

Reports indicate that over 20,000 homes were destroyed, over 50,000 families have been displaced, and livelihoods have all but disappeared. 

Many who experienced such significant losses have had to flee to evacuation centers where they are still living. In spite of enduring these hardships and difficulties, those affected by this tragedy are determined to celebrate Christmas. 

At one of the shelters, they erected a Christmas tree made of empty water bottles and sardine cans. Their outward circumstances may look bleak, but their celebration of Christ’s birth will go on. BGR partners, along with local churches, are ministering to the people and seeking to encourage them as they face Christmas with much turmoil in their lives. Providing food, water, temporary shelters, sleeping kits, and necessary hygiene supplies, these workers are coming alongside the neediest of families, helping them push through this disaster.

Please pray for the earthquake victims and for those who are helping in the relief efforts.

  • Pray that the earthquakes will stop and that the people can begin rebuilding their lives and returning to normalcy.
  • Pray for those who have been traumatized by this disaster to recover emotionally from the losses they have experienced.
  • Pray that sickness and disease will not spread as a result of poor living conditions.
  • Pray that the churches will be instrumental in showing God’s love this Christmas as they minister to those in great need.

Nancy 4 years ago

May you sense God's loving presence as you rebuild your life. May He give you the help you and in turn I pray that you will reach out to help others in need. I pray for those helping those in need. Please help them to be strengthened by You. Please guide those who are making decisions and help them to seek Your help and follow it. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen

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