A refuge for trafficked girls in NE India

Seven Sisters Home, a registered children’s home in northeast India, serves girls rescued from sex trafficking and physical abuse. A BGR partner says sex traffickers often target girls from that region because of their East Asian features, fair skin and compliant nature. Since March 2013, 14 girls have found refuge at the home, which provides for their medical, psychological, educational and spiritual needs in a loving family environment. Partners want to see the girls heal and thrive as they transform into independent, successful adults who can reintegrate into their communities and become change agents within the culture.

Pray that those who operate Seven Sisters will be able to recruit qualified, committed Christian staff. Ask for favor with the government and local community and for protection from hostile elements. Pray also that God will provide the financial resources necessary to set up and operate the home for the long-term — and for wisdom and humility as partners seek to serve God by providing the best possible care for the children at Seven Sisters Home.

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