A community center for Sweetwaters sick children

Tabitha Ministries has been involved in the community of Sweetwaters, South Africa, for over 10 years, providing basic medical care and nutrition for sick adults and children of child-headed households affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis.

A need was identified for a mullti-purpose community center to serve as a storage point and logistical center for food distribution, a facility to administer basic medical services, train large groups of Sweetwaters’ residents, and to have a more visible presence in the community. 

Much of the community center has been completed but is not fully operational because the electricity has not been connected. Partners also have struck on the idea of using the center as a respite care for school-aged children who are too ill to attend regular school, which has been a blessing for those children.  Please continue to pray for this community and the impact that the community center will have.

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