Baptist Global Response

7 Ways You Can Pray for Refugees and Relief Workers in the Middle East

1. Pray that those in the field, ministering to the needs of refugees, will be soft clay in the Potter’s hands—both usable and pliable.

2. The flood of refugees presents BGR relief teams with opportunities, interruptions, challenges and distractions. Pray God grants them wisdom to sort through these and find His design for their next steps. .

3. It requires an enormous amount of physical and emotional energy each day just for a refugee to live a “life.” Pray for their physical strength and endurance during these days.

4. Pray for God to stop the war. Pray for peace.

5. Pray for the emotional care and renewal of BGR teams responding to needs. Every day, they go into refugees’ homes, and they hear story after story of suffering. They are overwhelmed. They can’t meet all of the needs.

6. Pray for financial support to fulfill refugee needs. BGR teams need financial resources for relief items such as food, medicines, fans, heaters, blankets and sometimes, rent.

7.Pray for refugees’ spiritual conditions. Many have never heard of Christ’s love.



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