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  • Cuban churches have conducted relief efforts in the country's eastern region since Hurricane Matthew devastated the area. Please continue praying for those affected by the storm and for those working tirelessly to provide roofs, clean water and food to those in need. 
  • Pray supply containers will travel safely into Cuba. 
  • Pray those helped by Cuban churches will experience God’s love.
  • Pray for the Cuban people in the wake of Fidel Castro's death. Pray this will be a time of healing for the country.

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Pray pastors and church leaders who have been trained as welders will find jobs. And, pray they will demonstrate Christ's love as they work on different projects.

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Please pray for the El Matal area and for other communities in which work is starting.  A church in Ecuador has adopted El Matal and will continue relief and recovery efforts there. 

Pray for Ecuadorian national believers and churches working tirelessly to help those affected by the earthquake. Ask God to give them strength, wisdom and perseverance.

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Please pray for those affected by Hurricane Matthew in eastern Cuba. After several weeks with little or no food or clean water, the long process of rebuilding begins. The churches have served as life sources these past few weeks by opening kitchens and by feeding up to 400 per day in some areas.

Pray people will experience Christ's love through the kitchens' efforts.

Leaders of the Eastern Baptist Convention of Cuba have courageously and sacrificially led their churches and pastors during this disaster. Ask God to grant them strength and wisdom as they continue ministering to those hit hardest by the storm and who live in a hard-to-reach area. Hurricane Matthew destroyed or severely damaged nearly 90 percent of the churches there.

Pray God will help Christians in this area figure out how to strengthen their communities and to care for the needs of their own families.

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PRAYER NEEDED: Hurricane Matthew is currently making its way toward Haiti, Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. It could dump up to 40 inches of rain on some areas of southern Haiti, where much of the infrastructure is still weak after the 2010 earthquake. Pray for the people in these nations as they prepare for the storm. Ask God to weaken Hurricane Matthew so it will cause as little damage as possible.

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