Baptist Global Response

Millions of people have been displaced after losing homes, possessions and family members. Pray for the workers trying to meet their needs, including health care. Also, ask God to give refugees and internally displaced people comfort and endurance.

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TANZANIA. Pray for the Kigoma Baptist Hospital, where thousands of patients are treated annually. Ask God to send another long-term physician. Pray for the completion of the maternal/child health wing.

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Pray for a nurse who offers medical care and health lessons to Cambodian migrant workers living in work camps. Pray that many will experience the love of Jesus.

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A fire recently destroyed the land and crops in a BGR farming project. Pray that:

1. the farmers will not be discouraged.
2. God will work a miracle and the damaged plants will survive.
3. God will use this setback for good as locals work together to restore the farm.
4. the community recovers well.

For more information on the project, click here.

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A BGR project will allow 12 families living in a risk zone by an ocean to relocate to a property of approximately 100 acres, which they purchased from their government. Project organizers plan to plant both short-term and long-term crops to provide income for these families in the future.

Pray this project will show Christ's love to these families, and ask God to keep them safe while they continue living near the ocean. Finally, pray these efforts will show the families that other people care about them and are interested in their welfare.

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