Youth Camp Gives Young Man Hope

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“Therefore, an Old Testament definition of absolute poverty can be manifested as a total and complete trust in God. When all else fails, God prevails. When the arm and might falter, God will fight for us. When all the resources are consumed, God becomes our portion. And when there is no hope of deliverance, there is God!” -BGR CEO Jeff Palmer, Poverty in the Old Testament: Grace Abounds

There’s more than one kind of poverty. You’re familiar with material destitution, the lack of basic necessities that make life comfortable—or even possible. But, so many people suffer another kind of poverty, and it involves the spirit.

Qin experienced this kind of poverty. Others scorned him and slowly eroded his self-esteem. He lived with little hope.

But, God’s love shines through all kinds of hardships. And, He uses believers like you to help show the downcast how much He cares for them.

Qin grew up without a lot of stability. His mother died while giving birth to him, and his father couldn’t work due to an injury. They lived with very little.

And, life for the young boy got harder in school. He never seemed to connect to the other students. Instead of playing with him, they bullied him. Qin became a quiet child, afraid to interact with others. He even fell behind in school, and by the time he turned 18, Qin had only reached the ninth grade.

His life was bleak.

That’s why a youth camp friends like you helped fund made such an impression on him. The program teaches middle and high school students about self-esteem, relationships, and more. It’s very popular with teens Qin’s age.

But, when Qin first attended, he felt out of place. True to form, he never spoke a word, no matter who tried to welcome him to the camp. And, he would loiter in the back of each class—as if he wanted to leave at any moment. He didn’t open up until the final day, when he told BGR partners and other students about his mother’s death, his father’s injury, and his classmates’ cruelty.

After camp, BGR partners connected Qin with a local youth center and the boy got his first taste of true friendship. He also discovered the love of an infinite God who could mend his broken heart.

Thank you for giving Qin and so many others a chance to experience God’s love. Please pray for the people like this young man who need to know that they are worthy of love—and that they are adored by a heavenly Father.

Pray they will know that when life seems hopeless, they can put their full trust in God. He will prevail.