Your Year-End Checklist

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2018 is quickly coming to a close! We rejoice that the generous support of friends like you has helped so many people this year. Though 2019 promises to be another year filled with opportunities to love a world in need, check off these four ways to finish strong in 2018 before the ball drops!

Become a monthly donor

Every donation is a cherished blessing that helps someone in need. By becoming a monthly donor, you can bless countless people month after month. Sign up to become a Response Partner today!

Make an end-of-year gift

If you haven’t found the opportunity to give yet, there’s still time! The BGR Gift Catalog is full of ways to make a difference. Get inspired to give by reading about some of the projects we have been supporting and real stories of their impact. You can help a person find a job, grow food for their family—even save a life.

Download “In Honor” cards

If you purchased gifts from the BGR Gift Catalog in honor of someone this year, let them know how much you care about suffering people by sharing one of our beautiful cards. They are free to download here.

☑ Pray for all the people you have supported this year

Of course, BGR is most inspired by the resilient spirits of the men, women, and children you are lifting up. Pray God’s love will overflow in their lives, and that they will find the means to overcome pain, poverty, and persecution.