Your stocking stuffer gifts can make an impact this Christmas!

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With these stocking stuffer ideas from the BGR Christmas Gift Catalog, you’ll put a smile on the faces of your loved ones and the families you’ll be supporting.

Each of these gifts will go to people in need, but you can print a free downloadable ornament here to show your loved one what you gave in their honor. They’re easy to slide into a stocking, and your loved ones can hang them on their Christmas trees and remember those in need for years to come.


Who wouldn’t love to know a pair of cuddly rabbits or milk-laden goat is going to help a family in their honor? Whether it’s a group of ten fish or a cow, these animals give people in need a reproducible source of income and food for their families.

SEEDS — $10

Like Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed, the seeds you purchase in the Gift Catalog could one day grow into something truly miraculous—a garden, an orchard, maybe even a whole farm. It’s a fact: When people eat nutritious fruits and vegetables, they lead healthier lives. And fruitful crops produce more seeds for the next season.


If you have a daughter, could you imagine her being ripped away from you and sold to the highest bidder? It happens every day. When your daughter pulls this ornament from her stocking, tell her how grateful you are for her safety and pray together for the safety of girls trapped in trafficking.


Attach this ornament to a bottle of water in the stocking and celebrate that something as simple as filtered water will be a life-changing gift for those without it. One water filter will give a family  of five a year’s worth of clean water they can drink, bathe, and cook with.


You’ve seen (and maybe received) those bath and body baskets that appear on store shelves at Christmas. Hygiene items like soap and toothpaste could bring tears to the eyes of the family who lost everything when they were displaced by a disaster or conflict.


Give this gift just before Christmas breakfast. That way, as a family, you can pray for the child who desperately needed this week of meals. They’ll be stronger and healthier to go to school, help their families, and play.


A stocking may be too snug to fit an actual blanket. But the ornament you can print after you purchase this gift is no problem. When your family is cozy in front of the tree on Christmas morning, another family may be snug and warm in the blanket you sent them, too.

TARP — $10

As you’re celebrating the holidays in the warmth of your home, a tarp doesn’t sound like much shelter by comparison. However, a simple tarp can provide life-saving protection and temporary shelter in the aftermath of a disaster.