Your gifts inspired hope

Disaster Response | Print

Elodie’s family was devastated after a fire swept through her apartment building. She was now living in an empty one-room apartment.

With your help, caring Christians could quickly get Elodie some crucial items. They knocked on her door and delivered the cooking set you helped purchase from the Gift Catalog–a two-burner stovetop and pots. They promised to return with more help, but Elodie could at least cook a good meal for her family.

Elodie is a widow–and a refugee in this country to boot–the sole provider for her family. But, she wasn’t going to let her circumstances stop her from caring for her children.

When the project team returned a few days later with new mattresses and blankets, they found Elodie sitting in the middle of the room, already hunched over the hot cooking set. Steam billowed in her face as she was busily frying amagwinya, small yeast cakes she planned to sell on the streets.

Elodie could have crumpled under the despair of the fire. Who would blame her? But, she saw your cooking set gift as an opportunity to provide for her family. That’s the kind of hope your gifts inspire!

Now, Elodie has even enrolled in an English class to afford her more opportunities in South Africa. Her life is finding balance again.  

Elodie never could have predicted a fire would upend her family. But, you could never predict the ways people will use your gifts to make the most of difficult situations.

Donate $25 in the Christmas Gift Catalog to provide a cooking set for another intrepid parent like Elodie–affected by a disaster, but not undone.


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