You helped get a young boy off the street

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Rodgers takes sandpaper to a section of wood and carefully works away its roughness. Every day, he learns more about carpentry. And, it’s all thanks to friends like you.

Your dollars have helped fund a carpentry program at the Naivasha Children’s Shelter in Kenya, where he has lived for the past year. Right now, he’s learning a trade that will serve him well for the rest of his life.

But, Rodgers didn’t always look forward to a bright future.

The boy had lived on the streets of Nairobi for five years before moving to the Shelter. His mother passed away when he was a toddler, and his grandmother struggled to raise him. Eventually, he ran away.

After several years of sleeping on hard ground and scrounging for food, Rodgers met a Shelter social worker. Slowly, the worker built a relationship with the boy, visiting often to gain his trust. And, through this relationship, Rodgers decided that he no longer wanted to live on the street. He was ready for a new life.

At the Shelter, Rodgers now receives hot meals and a soft bed and he’s also learning responsibility through chores, like helping in the kitchen and washing his clothes. He’s one of the oldest and tallest boys at the Shelter, and he serves as the goalie on its soccer team. And, thanks to you, he’s learning the carpentry trade so he can support himself—and perhaps a family—in the future.

Rodgers has even reconnected with his grandmother. Social workers visit the home of each boy who enters the Shelter’s doors, and they work toward reuniting the children with their families. They assess the households and help resolve issues, including Rodgers’.

And hopefully, this young man will live with his grandmother once again after leaving the Shelter.

Please, pray for Rodgers as he returns to his family, and pray the other Shelter boys can rejoin their caregivers, as well. But more importantly, pray for the countless children who live on streets around the world—without parents or caregivers to tuck them in at night. Ask God to wrap those precious children in His love and protection.