You can feed hungry people in Venezuela

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Imagine having to pay $20 for a carton of eggs. Now imagine that your job only pays $26 a month. How would you stretch that money to feed your family? How could you help them survive?

This is a real scenario playing out in Venezuela. A collapsing economy is causing massive currency fluctuations, skyrocketing the costs of common goods. Prices can double or triple in a single day. Banks have capped the amount of cash customers can withdraw to only pennies a day. People are selling off everything they have just for food…and coming up short.

Local schools, no longer able to afford their meal programs, have closed their doors two days a week, and reduced their hours to only four per day.

In their desperation to survive another week, many have turned to the last resource they have available: their bodies. Prostitution is openly advertised, even by children as young as 13. People have flooded the resources of local churches, often the only places straining to meet the need for food.

BGR is rallying to the people of Venezuela by providing food boxes to families in need. With a simple meal, they can feel nourished and seen by a God who loves them.

Jesus used very little to feed thousands. What could God do with your donation to help our neighbors in Venezuela? Join us with a donation of $100 below to provide more food boxes to families in need.