Working Girl: One teen’s journey to an education, a job, and a future

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Tanita just did something amazing. She just put in a full shift at a restaurant, spoke acceptable English, and took one step closer to a happy, healthy life. And, all of it came from you. Your generosity enabled Tanita and others like her to receive the education and skills necessary to find employment. Amazing.

Why so earth-shattering? Tanita, her twelve siblings, and family were forced to flee their home due to conflict and severe poverty. They had hoped to find a place to start over…to pick up the broken pieces of their lives and begin again. When they arrived in a new land, they found freedom and safety from the violent persecution they had left behind. However, they also encountered problems that would hinder them from fully enjoying their new lives.

They landed in a new country full of hope, but they quickly realized that there is no guarantee of a new beginning. Rather, they observed a pattern of systematic social exclusion of certain groups of refugees and immigrants.

Then you jumped in and helped them begin to rewrite their story. Your funds have enabled BGR to establish a learning initiative, which provides basic education for children like Tanita. As the only relief group reaching out to these children and families, celebrate what you are doing for this vulnerable population.

Already, literacy skills have improved among the 900 children who are actively participating in the program right now. Even more exciting, the project opens doors for entire families to experience emotional and spiritual support. In and out of the classroom, lives are being changed.

At eighteen years of age, Tanita is one of the first program participants and took to the lessons with gusto. Her boss jokes that Tanita’s English is better than her own.

For Tanita, the education and opportunity to work is an answered prayer. She can help support her family, while dreaming of a future that would have been out of reach prior to this program. Pray for Tanita and her siblings and the other children whose only chance at education is through programs like these. Pray for Tanita’s parents who are new believers, that they can continue to provide opportunities for their thirteen children.

Let yourself be moved by their story and your generosity and compassion become contagious. Give today so other children may also have the chance to envision tomorrow with hope, dignity, and purpose.


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