Woman’s Crippling Pain is Healed

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Everyone has experienced the euphoria of that first good day after an illness or injury—the morning a fever breaks or the moment you rotate your hip and don’t feel pain spiking through your back. You feel like you can conquer the world!   

I wonder what Njeri felt like doing the first morning she woke up without the debilitating stomach pain that had become her daily companion.

Njeri’s pain was so severe she couldn’t even stand.

Njeri’s life revolves around her health. She’s HIV-positive, so she’s constantly tethered to the anti-retroviral medicines that keep her symptoms at bay. But those did nothing to help her when sudden bouts of intense stomach pain doubled her over and brought her to her knees. The pain became so bad, she had to crawl on her hands and knees just to minimize her discomfort.

As frightening as her pain was, she still didn’t go to a doctor. Why? Because going into debt because of medical bills was even more frightening. Money for treatment simply wasn’t there. She felt like her only option was to bear the pain in silence.

But the health care program you supported gave Njeri another option.

One of Njeri’s friends and neighbors had recently graduated from the program, which supports and empowers people living with HIV. Seeing the severity of Njeri’s pain, she recommended the program to her.

That encouragement made all the difference. A program counselor immediately took Njeri to a hospital, where her pain was diagnosed: uterine fibroids—non-cancerous lumps that form in the uterus.

The health program used your gifts to help Njeri enroll in her country’s insurance fund and covered the premium for her first three months. Once the insurance policy took effect, Njeri was back in the hospital for her eight-hour surgery to remove the growths. After five days of recovery, she was ready to come home. The great part? Her entire hospital stay was covered by her insurance.

The best part? Njeri is no longer in pain.

Even though HIV is still a reality, daily life is much easier. She’s making a living as a seamstress using skills she learned in the program. The center even provided a weekly food ration to boost her nutrition. It’s a new chance to live a meaningful life.   

“Praise the Lord,” Njeri said. “Even though I was sick, I am thankful now to be getting better. There are others like me, who need help and cannot find any.”

Njeri is right.

For each person who finds healing, there is another still suffering.

But this is the good news: every dollar you give toward BGR health care projects will be easing someone’s pain. You might provide antibiotics to a clinic. You might bring first aid after a disaster strikes. Donate today and allow God to administer His healing touch.