Water Project Helps Mother Greenlight Son’s Wedding

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Consider all the things you might need for a perfect wedding—the venue, the catering, the dress! For her son’s wedding, Phyu only needed water.

The well-digging project you supported caused quite the celebration in Phyu’s community. Your gifts are helping people realize not only their basic needs, but also their most personal desires.

Phyu desired nothing more than a proper wedding for her son and the girl he was arranged to marry. But since the government relocated her village years ago, water had been difficult to get. Phyu would have to haul water in plastic tubs from a local lake that frequently dried up during the dry season—and it was the dry season.

As the mother of the groom, she fretted over the details. How would she clean everything? How would she wash the food?

Then, a BGR partner and a team of other Christians bearing well-digging equipment arrived in the village. With God’s favor, they struck water on the first drill!

Phyu was overjoyed to have enough water to clean everything ahead of the wedding. By the day of the ceremony, the well was outfitted with a pump and storage tank—enough water to supply the entire village for a year.

Thank you for giving a mother like Phyu the joy of celebrating with her son. Give to other water projects, and discover how clean water can quench both body and spirit.

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