UPDATE: Cyclone Idai Relief

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When Cyclone Idai wreaked havoc across Mozambique last year, you stepped up. 

One village in a remote region was hit particularly hard by the disaster and, because of how isolated the community is from nearby cities, didn’t receive the same level of aid from organizations doing relief work in the area. The aftermath that followed the storm proved even more destructive, and by the time BGR partners discovered this need, the situation was desperate. 

Household items had been swept away in the floods, so families were cooking and eating with leftover utensils found in the rubble. There were few shelters in place to protect people from the elements. Eating and sleeping were considered accomplishments, as families warded off wild animals through the night and foraged for edible plants during the day. 

You helped almost 250 of these families recover from this tragedy!

Blankets, soap, water filters, and cutlery were distributed throughout the community to help improve their quality of life and restore some of the dignity lost in this sudden disaster. The villagers were ecstatic that someone showed interest in their wellbeing—you helped remind an entire community of their inherent value and worth in giving to this relief effort!