Response to Cyclone Kenneth in Mozambique

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Image source: Google Maps

Less than two months after Cyclone Idai devastated parts of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, and left more than 400 people dead, a second cyclone has impacted the same region. Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in Mozambique on April 25, impacting a district of 114,000 people. Heavy rains and high winds destroyed homes, fields, and businesses.

The death toll has risen to 38, but the total number remains uncertain as the storm has severely damaged infrastructure and cut off transportation and communication.

With rain still in the forecast, flooding is a major concern, along with water-borne diseases like cholera and the long-term loss of crops and food supplies.

BGR responders already responding to Cyclone Idai are now assessing the long-term response to Cyclone Kenneth, but prayer is needed.

  1. Pray for the people in areas that are completely cut off, that have no access to food and shelter, and cannot communicate with those outside.
  2. Pray for those who are responding to do so quickly, and to have wisdom in the best ways to respond.

If you would like to help, please give below to the BGR Disaster Response fund.