Update: Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

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September 5 Update

Hurricane Dorian has finally moved away from the Bahamas. 

As pictures and videos of the devastation are released, it is becoming clear that the wreckage is extensive. Airports were submerged during the storm, and ports were severely damaged; some are still not fully operational, further delaying rescue teams from reaching the islands.

The 185 mph winds and pounding waves wreaked constant havoc on the Bahamas over the past three days. BGR has been communicating with national partners and has an assessment team en route to determine the best ways to meet immediate and long-term needs moving forward.

BGR is pursuing a multi-faceted approach to this complicated disaster zone. The first step is attempting to get supplies to the affected areas via boat from the States to the islands most impacted. The second step is assisting rapid assistance teams in their work by supplying the general population with much-needed emergency management items. An additional initiative that is going to have a longstanding, 1-3 month (or longer) impact will be determined by assessment experts on the ground with both national and U.S. partners like SBC’s Southern Baptist Disaster Relief network.

A simple, singular approach to disasters is usually effective when airports are open, ports functional, and supplies readily available.

None of these apply to the Bahamian situation at this time.

BGR will continue to provide disaster relief updates as our response plan is implemented.