To Market We Go

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Thanks to you, Souley had a job saving lives.

People in his area were at-risk for starvation—but not because of poverty. They simply couldn’t find food. The drought had depleted food supplies and vendors like Souley had nothing in stock.

But you partnered with BGR to make more food available in the local market. Souley was thrilled to be part of the project! He had a wife and two children to support, and he had spent the previous few years traveling from town to town in search of work. But thanks to friends like you, he could earn money for his family AND help save his neighbors from starvation.

“Every time I returned home with more grain to sell, there was a line at my house of people wanting to purchase,” he said. “My first bag of grain would sell out in an hour. In a normal year, this could take days. All of my neighbors are so happy that they are able to buy food for their families now.”

Thank you so much for giving this young man a chance to care for his family, and thank you for providing food for an entire community.

Your support has a HUGE impact in suffering villages around the world—just like Souley’s. Continue partnering with BGR and see what else God can do with your generosity.