The Power to Care

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

Sometimes, the sick need a little encouragement to get better. They need to know someone loves them and wants them to heal. And supporters like you have that power to care.

Your compassion and generosity helped send a medical team to Camelia’s door. The woman is a 47-year-old smoker who has contracted tuberculosis. When team members first met her, Camelia’s body had wasted away and a rough cough rattled through her chest. They decided to help with her treatment.

The team began visiting Camelia and her husband regularly. They educated her about tuberculosis, supplied her with nutritional and vitamin supplements, and checked her blood sugar and pressure.

But, the visitors also encouraged Camelia and told her stories of Christ’s love. They made sure she understood that not only did other people care about her—but so did a God above.

Within a few months, Camelia had gained some weight, decreased her smoking, and faithfully continued her tuberculosis treatment. Thank you so much for helping her become a healthier person!


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