The Miracle at the Well

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Invest in a miracle—just like the one Pastor Adama witnessed! A water well for people in need!

Not long ago, Pastor Adama and his church operated a  water well-drilling project with help from BGR. The community desperately needed the well, but prejudice still blinded the local people. They felt suspicious of Christians and only gave the church a barren tract of land for the new borehole.

But, Pastor Adama and his church drilled on the land anyway—despite continual opposition. A witchdoctor visited the worksite and chanted, hoping to keep the land dry. The community scoffed.

Workers drilled and drilled and only found dust. They drilled 10 meters past the normal depth. Still nothing. The church members grew discouraged, but they kept praying with Pastor Adama. And once workers moved the drill a few meters—water flowed!

The water well gushed at 2,000 gallons per hour.

Thank you for making this story possible with your generosity. If you feel led today, give again to help another church shower its community with love and clean water.


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