The 11-year-Old Mother of Seven

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Once a week, old women in Nafissa’s village take turns walking with her for a three-hour round trip. Their task is vital—to pick up nutrition mix for her youngest brother.  

The little boy is just an infant, and Nafissa is the only parent he has left. She’s 11 years old.  

The family’s mother died not long ago, and their father abandoned them. This leaves Nafissa to care for seven younger brothers and sisters. That’s such a heavy burden for a young girl—and sadly, her story is a common one. Child-headed households exist around the world.

Supporters like you are relieving some of Nafissa’s burden by providing the nutrition mix, and other friends are helping to feed the rest of the family. Together, we can care for children left to fend for themselves in this difficult world.

Please give today to help feed other boys and girls who are orphaned or homeless or simply hungry. Show them the warmth of Christ-like love.