Sulawesi Tsunami Update

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In September of 2018, a 7.5 earthquake struck the Indonesian of Sulawesi. The quake was preceded by smaller foreshocks, and the entire area had been impacted by the collapse of the Krakatau volcano in July of 2018. With little to no warning, the earthquake triggered a tsunami which killed over 2,000 people and displaced thousands of others.

BGR was swift to respond to the disaster, as were many generous supporters who enabled teams to be on the ground distributing basic needs and supplies, as well as sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Various stories of hope and renewal have emerged since the crisis, many of which are directly attributed to the generous BGR donors. One such story emerges from the Tumpaan community. After many families lost nearly everything in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, their basic needs were provided for—food, water, shelter.

In surrounding areas, where the ash from the volcanic eruption filled the air for weeks, forcing people to stay inside, unable to work, similar help was extended. Basic needs were met, and the love and hope of Jesus were shown. One community member shares, “This was the best help they had ever received.”

One new church has been established in the area to continue the ongoing work of survival, by meeting the needs of the community and helping them to rebuild their lives in the wake of tragedy.