The Horrific Sri Lanka Bombing

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On Easter Sunday, a horrible series of bombings in Sri Lanka left grief, fear, and unanswered questions throughout the country, the world, and the global body of Christ. At BGR, our hearts break for the families who are forever changed in the wake of these attacks. The latest death toll stands at 358, with many others injured. While this type of tragedy is outside the typical scope of BGR’s disaster response mechanism, it is no less devastating than a tsunami, an earthquake, or other natural disasters. Each person lost was a son or daughter. Many were mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. Their absence is a tangible, agonizing loss that their loved ones must somehow reconcile.

At the moment, BGR is determining how we can be of the most help, working with and through our trusted partners in Sri Lanka. Be it community feedings, food distributions, grief and trauma counseling, or some other means, our strategy will be to empower and come alongside local churches and organizations as they help their communities heal.

Prayer is our greatest tool, and we ask you to join us in praying for the broken hearts of everyone affected. Pray that those who were injured or traumatized can begin some type of recovery and know some semblance of peace. Pray that we and others on the ground will have wisdom and deference and that our actions help, and do not hinder the local churches and response teams.

Your financial support would be a welcome gift. Please consider donating in the “Where needed most” category so that we will have the most flexibility in putting your generosity to work.

Tragedies like these are not easy to observe even from a distance. They are nearly impossible to reconcile and survive at their epicenter. In the coming days, we continue to pray that God’s glory will reveal itself amongst the rubble and shards that have been left behind. Join us in lifting your heart to the King, that He—in His divine timing and manner—will make Himself known in Sri Lanka and around the world.