She survived a stroke, and BGR brought her comfort

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Develesy Mbewe can’t move her left arm, her left foot, her left leg or even her left cheek; that entire side has stopped functioning.

A while ago, a stroke paralyzed half of the woman’s body, so her family began to care for her, including her daughter, Grace. Living in Zambia, they are very poor, and circumstances have left Develesy homebound.

When two Baptist Global Response partners recently visited the woman in her home, they brought a BGR Hospice Kit with them as a gift. They began to unpack the five-gallon bucket containing comfort items such as toothbrushes, sheets and lip balm, and as they did so, Grace picked a pair of socks out of the assortment.

She lifted up Develesy’s legs and gently slipped the socks onto her mother’s feet.

Develesy now has two pairs of socks to warm both the foot she can move and the one she can’t. She and her daughter were very grateful for that bucket of gifts.

Become a comfort to the terminally ill in Africa. Donate toward BGR Hospice Kits like the one Develesy received.