Restored: Refugee Family Finds New Life

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“I don’t know what we would do if it weren’t for your help,” says Zainab, grandmother of a family of seven. The words resonate with an almost uncomfortable degree of authenticity. Her family has endured dire circumstances and could have easily and understandably hardened their hearts to the cruel world surrounding them.

But they didn’t. Because of you, this family received help. Because of you, they do know what they will be doing–they will be living.

Forced to flee from their home due to violence and continued conflict, the family had nothing but the clothes on their back when they finally arrived at a safe location. Even as they arrived, however, they knew that there was no guarantee of shelter or food. They had fled in desperation, banking everything on the blind hope of refuge.

Because of your generosity, their hope was realized. They, along with 75 other families, received transitional living assistance, food rations, and medical supplies.

Because of your generosity, they received a second chance.

Because of your generosity, they were given a chance to show kindness and gratitude. The family frequently shared meals with BGR workers and engaged in spiritual conversations.

Their appreciation was and is real, as is ours. Thank you for caring and giving. Thank you for personifying love, faithfulness, and hope. Please continue praying for Zainab and her family and continue giving so that other families, too, may have a brighter tomorrow.