Responding to Coronavirus Around the World

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COVID-19 is upending life for millions of people across the globe. Jobs are disappearing, borders are closing, and the most fundamental needs are at risk of going unmet. BGR and local partners in countries around the world are responding to this unprecedented moment in history. From Asia to Africa, Europe to the Americas, we have had people on the front lines assessing needs and putting relief efforts into place. Below is a summary of projects, organized by location, that are already in motion.

East Asia

When COVID-19 emerged on the Asian continent, several restrictions were put into place in an attempt to slow the spread. Between those life-altering measures and the illness, entire towns and villages have been cut-off from necessary supplies, while hospitals have been stretched thin. BGR, along with local partners, currently has 20 projects underway in seven countries. Food distribution and financial support are but two of the ways we are trying to alleviate the burdens that have been hoisted upon the most vulnerable. 

We are:

  • Providing food and sanitary supplies to street workers and former inmates
  • Distributing food and other supplies to villages that have been cut off from supply lines 
  • Supporting towns that rely heavily on tourism to support their local economies and are now without many options for income
  • Working with and through local churches and believers as they attempt to minister to their hurting communities, even while they are stretched to a breaking point
  • Providing groceries to individuals, giving them an option to pay a portion of the cost, whereby instilling a sense of empowerment and ownership
  • Providing food baskets to police and military 


Central Asia

The spread of COVID-19 in Central and Southern Asia has been aggressive and devastating. To compound the challenges, this area has a large population of asylum seekers and refugees, many of who have no health insurance and few, if any, resources whose status makes them extremely vulnerable. 

We are:

  • Providing grocery store vouchers to 180 migrants and refugees from three different countries
  • Providing funds to local partners to distribute among their at-risk community members to purchase food, supplies, and other necessities


Central and South America

The spread of COVID-19 across the Americas has been economically devastating to the population, particularly those who are indigenous or migrant workers. Often marginalized, these vulnerable groups of people are often overlooked. Each passing day makes their plight increasingly desperate. 

We are:

  • Providing 15-day food packets to displaced, indigenous people
  • Seeking out high-risk individuals in communities, and providing them with food boxes



With one of the largest refugee populations in the world, this area has been vulnerable long before the arrival of COVID-19. Displaced families do not have the resources to contend with this disease. Local organizations trying to help these at-risk people are becoming overwhelmed with the level of need that has only intensified as this virus continues to spread. 

We are:

  • Distributing monthly food packets to refugees and high-risk individuals
  • Offering financial support for medical resources, including medication and medical devices
  • Providing financial relief to local churches to help off-set costs of rent, electricity, fuel, and more



In some regions of Africa, COVID-19 has not yet made its presence known. However, the continent as a whole faces unique struggles that can potentially compound the impact of such a fast-spreading virus. A lack of hygiene education, under-resourced medical facilities, and on-going violence heightens the risk of devastation in the wake of a pandemic.

We are:

  • Providing soap, handwashing station, and prevention education material in native languages
  • Providing a hospital with multiple tanks of concentrated oxygen and PPE for medical workers
  • Providing displaced, often traumatized displaced people with funds to travel to a relative in a safer location, and food for the journey. The hope is to help these people get out before COVID-19 restrictions close all modes of transportation.

Please pray for BGR partners ministering to their communities.