Residential care for boys with HIV/AIDS

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The Rafa Home is a residential home for boys with HIV/AIDS in South Asia. The home was founded in 2000 and consists of 3 units: one for boys under age 12, one for boys ages 12 -17, and a satellite home for boys over 18. The boys are born with HIV and most have been orphaned as their parents died with AIDS. The boys go to school and the older boys receive vocational training. In 2013, another 5 -8 boys will come to the home and some of the older boys will move on to the satellite home. BGR partners with New Generation Trust to meet this need. Most of the boys are on second-line ARV treatment and heavy medication. Pray for healing, energy, physical stamina and protection from infections and other illnesses. Pray for the older boys, who will soon have to move out into the world. Ask God to make them responsible, stable, and healthy young men.