Rain, Rain, Go Away: New Roof for Students

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Every kid loves a good snow day. But what if school had to be canceled . . . for rain? Your kids or grandchildren would probably be pretty excited for all those days off, but what would that mean for their education? How would they get enough time in the classroom to learn?

That’s exactly what a community in Central Asia was facing.

The school building’s roof was falling apart in front of their eyes. The old asbestos tiles were disintegrating and posing a serious health hazard for the 20 students who go to school there. To make matters worse, patches of black mold were spreading in the walls and floors, yet another major health concern.

The old roof was leaking so badly that school had to be canceled on rainy days. If a solution wasn’t found soon, the school would be forced to close altogether. If that happened, students would have to travel more than seven kilometers to the next nearest school. There were no buses or taxis to take them there. They would have to walk along the dangerous road.

Before that could happen, BGR partners arrived with lumber, aluminum sheets, and gutters to replace the roof. No more crumbling asbestos tiles. This roof could withstand water for years to come.

But way before those supplies arrived, friends like you donated to BGR. That meant the funds were there when this village needed them.

Now, when it rains, parents can still send their children to school in their own village. For the kids, it might not be as fun as getting the day off, but their education is no longer on the line just because of a few leaks.

This village didn’t need just a new building. They needed a school. They needed a place for their children to find a future. In gratitude of the education you have enjoyed, give to help another community keep education an option.