Quality care gives destitute mother reason to live

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

Health troubles affect us all at one time or another. Medical bills weigh on our minds. We try to avoid the doctors’ offices and their heavy costs as much as we can.

Gauri couldn’t go at all.

Excruciating pain pierced her stomach, but she wouldn’t see a doctor because she couldn’t pay for care. Her family needed the money too badly.

Gauri’s husband did his best to support her and their seven children by selling drums on the streets, but he barely made any money. The family was so poor they all survived on one meal a day and lived together in a temporary tent, battered daily by sun, rain, and dust. Gauri didn’t  have the heart to take any of the money used to feed her children and spend it on her own medical care. What mother would?

I kept mum, experiencing the pain everyday and enduring sleepless nights,” she said.

Yet, Gauri was growing desperate. She tried going to the local government hospital, but the doctor there didn’t have the time to talk to her. And, even if he had, he didn’t speak her language. Plus, Gauri’s husband was too consumed by the family’s financial problems to pay any attention to her indescribable pain.

She was all alone.

I felt neglected and dejected,” she said. And, she added, “Sometimes, I even thought of ending my life, but I lacked the courage to do that.”

Then, one of Gauri’s brothers told her about Bangalore Baptist Hospital, a facility friends like you help fund. The hospital had saved many patients with dire medical issues who thought their lives were already over. And best of all, it focused on serving the poor, giving struggling families the best possible care at no cost.

“He assured me that if I visited Baptist Hospital I would surely be cured,” she said.

A kind doctor at Bangalore Baptist heard Gauri’s heartbreaking story and examined her aching stomach. As it turned out, the woman had a kidney stone. And, thanks to you, doctors at the hospital could give Gauri the surgery and medication she needed without taking any money away from her destitute family.

Gauri felt like a new woman after her treatment.

“My husband and children are also thankful to the hospital for saving me,” she said. “Now, I have no pain, and I can do all the household work I was doing earlier. I can eat well and have regained interest in life.”

If you’ve ever given to a BGR medical project, thank you for offering people like Gauri relief. They have nowhere to turn for healing, and they desperately need to experience the hope that comes from Christ.

Today, please pray about giving again to ease the aches and pains of another person in need. Help them regain interest in life—just like Gauri.

Check out our other medical projects here: https://gobgr.org/projects/health-care-connections/


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