Providing Safety in a Refugee’s Insecure World

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

There are some things that can never be put into words.

They can never truly be understood by those who haven’t lived it.

They are things that sear our hearts, riddle us with pain, and literally rack our bodies.

Shein knows that pain. The atrocities she has endured and the losses she has suffered are staggering. Her eyes fill with tears before she even says a word about her horrific journey.

Back and forth…back and forth…her body shakes from her trauma.

In her war-torn home country, she witnessed appalling, disgusting, gruesome behavior from the occupying soldiers. Unable to acquire proof of citizenship, her entire family was subjected to beatings and sexual exploitation.

One night, two of her four children went to the restroom and never returned. As she tried desperately to find them, screaming and crying for her babies, she was told to be quiet or “be dropped to your knees.”

Sadly, Shein’s story is not an anomaly. Living in a country decimated by conflict and saturated with persecution and killing, many mothers just like her have suffered similar fates.

Theirs is the kind of pain that feels overwhelming to an outsider. It seems too deep and too terrible to even begin to address.

That’s where you come in. Generous supporters like you have made it possible for Shein and others like her to find some sort of haven in a refugee camp. Your prayers keep hearts like hers beating. Your donations have helped fund a new lighting security system specifically for the camp’s sanitation and hygiene facilities. Shein will not have to fear a simple walk anymore. The darkness that cloaked acts of violence and pain has been illuminated—literally. Shein’s pain will take time—a lot of time—to lessen from excruciating to somewhat bearable. But for her heart to heal, her body must be safe and her life protected. Before she can grieve the loss of her children, she must ensure that her living children are out of harm’s way.

You and your generosity are providing the stabilizing force that just might stop or at least slow down Shein’s seemingly unending downward spiral.

You’ve heard stories and you know the atrocities so many, like Shein, are enduring. You may feel as though you can’t make a difference in the face of such horror.

You can. Pray. Educate yourself. Give.

Every little bit you give matters. It matters to Shein. It matters to her children. Most of all, it matters to God.


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