Pray for the Lonely

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For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.

Your gifts do so much more than satisfy hunger and keep people warm. They are physical tokens of God’s everlasting love.  

They touch the hearts of people like Rahma. This poor widow grieves the past, when her children zipped in and out of her simple, stone home and played with the neighbors. Now, they have grown, and all but one have moved far away. She misses their hugs and their noise.  

Rahma now spends her days puttering about her house on painfully arthritic legs with little company. Friends like you helped fund a health care team that dropped by to see her. Team members spent some time in her home, teaching Rahma how to manage her diabetes and arthritis and giving her medication. They also spoke to this lonely woman about how much God truly loves her.

And then, they visited again and again.  

Each time team members walked through Rahma’s door, she seemed a little happier. She knew people cared about her and wanted to see her. Hope began to warm her heart.  

Please pray for this woman as she misses her family. Pray she will find comfort in Christ’s love.


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