Peace in Prison

Micro Enterprise and Job Skills | Print

Roya sits in front of an old treadle sewing machine, bundled up in a headscarf and a coat. She’s being filmed today, so she’s wearing eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. After a few moments at the machine, she looks at the camera and thanks the people who helped teach her to sew. She says …

“We can do something after our release from here. We will have a good future, and I will have a job. I want to continue with embroidery.”  

Roya is an inmate. She lives in prison with her young son, and she waits for the day she will be released. Friends like you have given her hope for that day. Your donations have funded job skill classes that have taught her both cosmetology and—of course—the embroidery that she loves. She will be able support her family outside of a cell.

God used you to help give Roya a second chance in life. Partner with us again and see what else He can do with your generosity.  


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