Not Just Another Mouth to Feed

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Everyone wants to be heard. Thank you for hearing and responding to the needs of abuse survivors!

Your gifts keep the meals coming at a home for girls like Saina who have suffered many forms of abuse.

Saina was a cheerful girl when she came to the home—even after having survived abuse at the hands of her former employer. She was helpful and cared about the other girls living in the home. But when other girls didn’t listen to her, Saina’s frustration would spark. As she talked this through with a social worker, she realized her frustration had begun when her parents had ignored her, too, leaving her feeling unwanted and unloved.

Saina once believed she amounted to “an extra mouth to be fed.” Now, she has learned how to grieve about her pain and opened the door to healing.

Today, pray for the thousands of young girls like Saina who must rediscover their identities in the wake of abuse.