No Distance Too Far: Parents’ harrowing journey to heal their daughter

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Every parent’s heart breaks a little when their children are sick. Be it chicken pox or cancer, parents want to make it better. Because of your generosity, Reena’s parents can now do just that.

Reena is six years old and has suffered with an illness for a long time. The fourth of five children, she was drained of energy and play time was all but a memory. Her parents didn’t know what to do. They weren’t sure what was wrong or how to fix it. Then, you stepped in.

Your support has enabled a network of healthcare professionals to lead health education campaigns in the areas around Reena and her family. You have also supported the creation of mobile clinics, staffed with experienced doctors and necessary medical supplies. The mobile clinic was the key to Reena’s recovery.

After several weeks of watching their daughter struggle, Reena’s family traveled about 1,600 miles, boarded several buses and even a train all in hopes of getting Reena the help she needed. At the end of their journey, Reena was diagnosed with tuberculosis and hospitalized for 18 days. Upon release, however, irregularities in the supply of tuberculosis drugs from the Primary Health Centre put Reena in a life-threatening condition.

When BGR personnel in the area learned of her struggle, they immediately sought the doctor from the mobile clinic. The doctor found the medication she needed and also educated her parents on preventing setbacks for Reena and keeping the rest of their family healthy and well.

Today, Reena is no longer languishing inside from exhaustion and illness. She is playing hide-and-seek, make-believe, and running headlong into the joyful life every child should have the opportunity to live.

Thank you for giving Reena the help she needs. Thank you for supporting education efforts so that more parents can spend their days at home, raising healthy children, rather than beside a hospital or clinic bed.

Like Reena’s parents, you’d travel any distance, pay any amount, to make sure your child was well. This Christmas, reach out to other desperate parents by giving $100 in the Gift Catalog to stock another clinic with the supplies and medicines that save young lives.


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