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Volunteer teams provide new home for Filipina living in chapel

Paula Ignacion used the pension she earned teaching school for 23 years to build a little concrete house on the beach in Agojo, Philippines. And last November, Typhoon Haiyan destroyed it.

A BGR partner says the night before the storm, Paula fled to an open-air Catholic chapel. There, she waited it out with about a hundred other villagers while praying the Rosary over and over.

For a few months, she lived in the chapel

She stayed in the church with others who lost their homes, but they all found shelter elsewhere, eventually. Paula had nowhere to go. She was old, and her mind had begun to slip. She didn’t have the resources to rebuild.

So, volunteers from the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention placed her as a high priority when they began building shelters in the area. The team traveled to the Philippines to help residents rebuild their lives, and its efforts included repairing the local school and providing shelter for those without any. For Paula, they built a 100 square-foot shelter made with wood and topped with galvanized iron.

Fearing for her safety, her nephew also gave her some land away from the water, and the team constructed her new home there. Now, the teacher can live away from the ocean and from the chapel.

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