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Villages in Sub-Saharan Africa to get new wells

Associated Project: Clean Water

In the coming months, villages in Sub-Saharan Africa have will new access to clean water with three new wells. BGR partners plan to dig the wells--and repair others if time permits--with the help of volunteers from the Kentucky Baptist Convention. A BGR partner says approximately 4,600 people (the villages’ combined population) will benefit from the project, but others from up to one kilometer away might benefit, as well. KBC volunteers will bring equipment to hand auger tube wells and help villages develop them with hand pumps. Please pray for the KBC team's transportation needs. The roads are very bad due to rainy season, and traversing them can be difficult, if not impossible. Pray, also, that the team from Kentucky will be able to drill deep enough to find a good source of clean water without hitting rock and that the equipment they bring with them proves to be useful.

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