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Students in the Democratic Republic of Congo ‘overwhelmed’ after receiving Kits for Kids

In Goma, a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a little boy in a plain, white T-shirt raises his hands high above his head. In one fist, he clutches a green notebook and in the other, he holds a paper bag full of school supplies.

His class just received Kits for Kids from Baptist Global Response.

A BGR partner says these students attend a school designed to meet the needs of children orphaned by wars in the North Kivu region of eastern DRC. He says these students meet in a very simple, two-room schoolhouse with a floor fashioned from lava rock, remnants of a volcano eruption that destroyed many parts of the city a few years ago.  The volcano is a constant threat to Goma.

“Classrooms consist of simple benches, a blackboard and a piece of chalk,” he says. “Because of a lack of benches, the younger children spend most of their school day kneeling on piece of wood which has been placed over the lava rock.”

Working with the Evangelical Alliance of Churches, this partner recently visited this school and distributed Kits for Kids packages. The BGR-sponsored program collects school supplies from churches, groups, individuals and families in the United States and sends them to students in need around the world. These kits include notebooks, pencils, pens and glue sticks, rulers and crayons.

The BGR partner says the students in Goma didn’t have pens, pencils or paper until they received their kits.

“It was humbling to watch the children open the kits,” he states. “Though the kits contained only simple school supplies that we from the West take for granted, they were overwhelmed with joy and excitement. It was a blessing to be able to bless those who have suffered so much during their short lives.”

Although Kits for Kids recently stopped collecting supplies, BGR partners are still delivering packages in African countries and children are still seeing the love of Christ through crayons and rulers.

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