Baptist Global Response

Sending orphans to school with shoes

A large number of children in Sub-Saharan Africa need shoes for school. In one area, Tabitha Ministries, a BGR partner organization, cares for 5,250 children whose parents or adult caregivers have died and who now live in households overseen by youth under 17. Roughly 2,500 of these children need shoes to complete their school uniforms so they can attend class. Local school regulations require students to wear uniforms that include shoes, so BGR partners will help provide them.

“If these children are not assisted in remaining in school they will end up living in the streets, involved in prostitution, petty crime and corruption in order to stay alive,” a partner says. “Tabitha assists these children with school fees, school uniforms and food so that they can remain in school at least through their 17th birthday.”

At the end of the year, Tabitha staff will take up the shoes, clean them, put new laces on them and reassign the usable pairs.

Pray God will grant Tabitha staff members the strength to meet their daily challenges, and pray for funding so the ministry can continue to feed and care for AIDS patients.

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