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Iraqi refugees receive emergency relief after fleeing

Associated Project: Middle East Crisis

(Image above: Raw emotion pours from a Yazidi man rallying at the White House for American aid to save his people, the Yazidi Kurds of northern Iraq, who are under attack by Islamic State militants. Many of Yazidis who gathered at the White House Thursday, Aug. 7, were born in Sinjar and have immediate or extended family members who are trapped in the Sinjar Mountains without food or water.  Photo by Chris Carter/IMB.)

In the spring of 2014, an organized militia began carving out a Sunni caliphate in the Middle East. As this happened, a reported 200,000 people fled the area, many with nothing more than the items they could carry. Approximately 20,000 of these refugees landed on a plain in which BGR partners worked, and so now, displaced people are receiving emergency relief consisting of tents, drinking water, infant formula and basic food supplies. Up to 300 families will receive temporary housing and up to 500 will receive various food items.

The circumstances in this area are volatile. Please pray peace will grow as relief is distributed.

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1 liter of Potable Water = $.40
1 lb of flour = $3.75
1 lb of rice = $4.00
6 month supply of formula for a baby = $60
1 family sized tent = $100
All supplies are purchased in the country.

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