Baptist Global Response

Preserving new life in Africa

Associated Project: SBC Global Hunger Relief

In one of the poorest parts of Africa, a mother recently died in childbirth. Before she passed, she gave birth to twins who, without her milk, were in danger of starving.

The infants’ family members sought help from a BGR clinic.

The clinic uses Global Hunger Relief funds to purchase formula for approximately 300 area babies whose mothers have died or whose mothers don’t produce enough breast milk. Some of them are even premature, and BGR partners must feed them with eyedroppers because they can’t make the effort to suck.

Because of harsh conditions, one in 10 children in this area die before their fifth birthday.

As for the twins, their family members faithfully brought them to be fed twice a week. Their faces filled out and their bodies gained layers of healthy fat.

They thrived.

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